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Headwaters are the source of a stream or river. They are located at the furthest point from where the water body empties or merges with another. The organisms, sediments, minerals, contaminants and other chemicals either deposited by runoff or naturally occurring in these river sources are dispersed throughout the length of the body of water. Consequently, the health of headwater regions is a major focus of scientists concerned with habitats or water quality. Acting like a mini-reservoir, the meadows store carbon as they capture and clean water.

Decades of fire suppression, an emphasis on short-term management priorities, weather extremes and a warming climate have contributed to the decline in headwaters forest resilience, according to an analysis by the Public Policy Institute of California. Agencies are pursuing changes to traditional forest management practices to incorporate greater prescribed burns and tree thinning. This reduces air quality impacts from wildfires, protects water quality from post-fire erosion and increases water supply, according to PPIC. Most headwaters are either streams — formed by melted ice and snow — or springs, which are products of overflow from aquifers.

The American River , which s the Sacramento River near the city of Sacramento, is fed by three forks originating high in the Sierra Nevada in the Tahoe and Eldorado national forests. The Los Angeles River is an example of a waterway with headwaters formed from the confluence or merging of two smaller bodies of water, in this case Bell and Calabasas creeks, fed by surrounding hills and mountains in the western San Fernando Valley.

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Find Head waters

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