I want someone experienced

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ing a new company in a leadership role or getting a promotion to management comes with excitement — and anxiety. On top of this, you may be managing individuals with more experience than you have, be it in depth of expertise or years on the job. With climbing the corporate ladder no longer the only way forward in a company, employees are building their careers as individual contributors and developing advanced expertise in their chosen area. Others prefer to continue working well into their 60s and 70s — the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that But instead, you can rise to the challenge by showing confidence and courting humility.

Get started with the advice below. Doing internal work helps us succeed externally. Transform your insecurities into learning opportunities by checking your ego at the door. Too often, mentorship flows one way from manager to employee.

Part of being an effective manager is hiring the right people. Your job is to remove obstacles and provide resources, while supporting team members in their career growth and development without getting mired in day-to-day operations.

When leading a team of more experienced individuals, rely on and defer to their expertise but remember to lead confidently. Managers succeed when their team members succeed. You can help your experienced employees shine in the following ways. Show deference in situations when employees may know more than you, and also amplify their expertise to other team members. Baron Christopher Hanson, Lead Consultant at management and strategy consulting company RedBaronUSA , said that acknowledging employees publicly is important, but be sure to do so with context and specificity.

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September 18, Share on:. Check your ego. Embrace learning opportunities. Lead confidently. Acknowledge their experience and expertise publicly. Provide challenging work and opportunities to grow. Ask for their feedback. No items found. Related content.

I want someone experienced

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