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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. While Virginia Johnson, was born as Virginia Eshleman on February 11, in Springfield, Missouri, she came to be known as the research assistant, wife, and former wife of William H. Masters, M. Masters was a gynecologist on faculty at George Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. He had a plan to do sexuality research and had the funding, yet needed an assistant to help him in the process.

Johnson, had been married twice ly and responded to an ad by Dr. Masters for a research assistant in 1 , 2. After she had a career in music and singing, she was pursuing a degree in sociology, which was never completed. Once she applied for a research assistant position with Dr. Masters, her educational aspirations were over 1. It was said that after Dr. Masters hired Ms. The team of Masters and Johnson helped change the way human sexuality was perceived in America and the world.

They quickly rose to national prominence because of the type of research, which they conducted and presented. Their research was more scientific than human sexuality research done by the biologist, Alfred Kinsey. The work of Dr. Kinsey focused primarily on interviews about human sexuality, done in the s and s in Indiana 2 , 5. The human sexuality research of Masters and Johnson was quite legendary as it was the first open discussion, with some scientific data, about human sexual behavior at the time 3. They decided to make their research more scientific to allow for more professional recognition of their practice.

Louis area for their human sexuality research 4. This was especially beneficial because they realized that each had a complementary contribution to their personal and professional relationship 4. They worked together at this institute even after their divorce in 2. In their initial book, they described in graphic detail the exact physiological changes associated with each phase of the SRC 6. They later established their own non-profit institute called the Reproductive Biology Research Foundation, in , which was renamed the Masters and Johnson Institute, in 1 , 2.

During their prominence, especially during the s to the s, the field of sex therapy evolved and many other clinicians gained recognition for their work in the research of human sexuality. The ISSM gained prominence because of the multidisciplinary approach to understanding, diagnosing, and treating male and female sexuality disorders Masters developed scientific instruments, such as the vaginal photoplethysmograph VPP , to measure human sexual response, which he reported on in their initial book 6.

Their second book, Human Sexual Inadequacy, focused on the treatment of various sexual disorders, as a guide for clinicians The VPP was in use for clinical research until the turn of the century and then in the vaginal pulse amplitude VPA gained more prominence for female sexual arousal research However, in the s, the National Institute of Health NIH convened an impotence conference to establish research methods for sexuality diagnosis and treatment The outcome of this conference was the promotion of a multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment of male and female sexuality disorders.

Hence, with the turn of the century, there was an increased awareness and collaboration in the diagnostic and treatment options for male and female sexual disorders. Additionally, with the multidisciplinary approach, the pharmaceutical companies were motivated to develop medical treatments for human sexuality research and the Federal Drug Administration FDA gave approval to three oral medications for the treatment of what was known as impotence, and now called erectile dysfunction ED I remember attending a conference where Dr.

Masters was giving the keynote address and Dr. Zilbergeld asked him about the use of Viagra, and Dr. Bernie Zilbergeld, was a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley and later at the University of California at San Francisco. In , Zilbergeld and a colleague, Michael Evans, gained national recognition for challenging the research methods of the Masters and Johnson sexual treatment data In their challenge, they claimed that the research findings of Masters and Johnson were nonreplicable, and virtually worthless However, the research, writings, and training of Masters and Johnson in the field of human sexuality have lasted for decades.

They were truly pioneers in the field of human sexual behavior It has been on their foundation for understanding human sexuality that the field of sexual medicine has evolved into a robust and vital field of study for the comprehensive understanding of human sexual behavior domestically and internationally. Additionally, the evolution of the diagnosis and treatment options have expanded exponentially to the point where even Dr. Masters had to admit that he was lost in the shuffle While these two pioneers in the field of human sexuality have passed on, as several before them, their seminal work will remain and their legacy lives on.

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Ladies looking sex Pioneer

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Virginia Johnson—human sexuality pioneer