Looking for a fellow nude lover

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When Leslie Morgan divorced after a twenty-year marriage, both her self-esteem and romantic optimism were shattered. Instead, Leslie celebrated her independence with an audacious plan: she would devote a year to seeking out five lovers in hopes of unearthing the erotic adventures and authentic connections long missing from her life. Clumsy and clueless at first, she overcame mortifying early missteps, buoyed by friends and blind faith. And so she found men at yoga class, the airport, and high school reunions—all without the torture of dating websites.

Along the way she uncovered new truths about sex, aging, men, self-confidence, and what it means to be a woman over fifty today. Packed with fearless, evocative details, The Naked Truth is a rare, unexpected, and wildly entertaining memoir about a soccer mom who rediscovers the magic of sexual and emotional connection, and the lasting gifts of reveling in your femininity at every age.

And to my mind that makes it even more enticing. You will read it with your mouth on the floor, unable to budge until you turn the last . This is a wise memoir and a hot read! With her characteristic candor and clarity, Morgan describes her own experience as a divorced mother, and explores the dazzling ways that men and women can delight each other when social conventions and cultural needs are left behind. A steamy, liberating tale of self-exploration and self-love that encourages readers to 'revel in your sexuality.

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Looking for a fellow nude lover

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