Looking for a hot dad

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Be prepared to lose your mind over these gorgeous, hot, and heart-meltingly beautiful d. Hot doesn't even begin to cover how beautiful these men are, and the fact that they're loving fathers just adds to their sexiness. Are you ready for all this hotness? Make sure you have a cold drink nearby, because you're going to need it to cool down. Fatherhood has never looked so good. Begin slideshow. Hot dad with his smiling daughter Yep, this dad is definitely swoon-worthy. Two hot d Two d means double the sexiness.

Dad in a hat How adorable is this dad in a hat? Dad with bed-head That just-rolled-out-of-bed look? Yeah, that looks really good on this dude. Dad and baby watching the game We know what team we're rooting for. Snuggling dad and baby Snuggling with daddy is fun. And he isn't too bad to look at, either.

Dad with his sleeping baby Shhhh! You'll wake the baby. Dad giving his daughter a shoulder ride You can see the world from atop daddy's shoulders. Dad with a car full of kids What a great looking crew. Father and son duo This picture can thaw even the coldest of hearts. Baby on board It'd sure would be fun going on a walk with this hunk. Hot dad at the pool This may not technically be a selfie, but it was too cute not to include. Dreamy dad Wherever they are, we want to be there, too.

in. YourTango Experts. Smokin' hot dad DILF material? Um, YES! Hot dad at the beach Look at those muscles! Dad in a sweet group hug Feel the love! The perfect papa How sweet is this? Gorgeous dad This dad is everything. View More Galleries Click to view 16 images. I'd like to believe that I would have time to curl my hair in the apocalypse.

Lindsey Kupfer. Click to view 12 images. Couples you definitely don't want to be a part of. Click to view 10 images. Start getting your ballots ready, it's Oscar season. Looking for an interesting way to turn up the heat? Nicole Weaver.

Looking for a hot dad

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40 Hot Celebrity D Who Make Fatherhood Look So Damn Cool