New Hampshire married sex

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In , the last time the New Hampshire Supreme Court took up a case that centered on the interpretation of adultery, the justices ruled it consisted only of out-of-marriage intercourse between people of the opposite sex. This week, in a unanimous ruling, the court set a new precedent , siding with a man whose ex-wife allegedly had an intimate relationship with another woman. The New Hampshire Legislature legalized same-sex marriage in , and six years later, a U. Supreme Court ruling made same-sex marriage legal in all states. But until now, divorce proceedings in New Hampshire still relied on the interpretation, known as the Blanchflower decision, that adultery could only be grounds for a fault-based divorce claim if the infidelity was between a man and woman.

The decision overturns a lower court ruling in a suit involving Robert and Molly Blaisdell, who filed for divorce in January citing irreconcilable differences. In March , Robert Blaisdell filed an updated petition seeking a fault-based divorce, alleging that Molly Blaisdell had engaged in an intimate relationship with another woman. Search Query Show Search. About NHPR. Show Search Search Query. Play Live Radio. Next Up:. Available On Air Stations. All Streams. Get entered to win a MacBook Pro when you become a sustaining member today!

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The New Hampshire Supreme Court is split over a woman's nearly nine-year battle to challenge her firing from the state Department of Health and Human….

New Hampshire married sex

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Same-sex marriages have declined in N.H. and neighboring states