Sex very much needed

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List of Partners vendors. Maintenance sex may not sound like the most titillating thing in the world, but it is crucial to the health of your relationship. It means keeping the sex up to ensure both people in the relationship are sexually satisfied.

Sometimes your partner wants to get it on and all you want to do is binge your latest Netflix obsession. Sex sounds time-consuming and annoying. Or maybe when you really want to have sex, your partner always seems to be too tired or stressed. It happens occasionally, but to expect that your partner will always want the exact amount of sex as you do is not particularly practical.

In order to make up for the difference, compromises need to be made. The partner with the higher libido must have realistic expectations, while the partner with the lower libido needs to do the same. This is where maintenance sex comes into play. This leaves one partner feeling hounded for sex all the time and the other pathetic for wanting it—not a healthy relationship.

Maintenance sex is deed to keep both partners content. If you feel fully sexually unsatisfied or are experiencing an unusually prolonged dip in libido, that is a separate issue and you should address it with your therapist or health-care provider. In relationships, you need to show up for your partner.

Sometimes you need to show up for your partner and be engaged. If you need your partner to make you feel desired, he or she should be willing to do that for you. Sex is a principal part of happy relationships. Both partners need to be willing to show up for each other and put in the effort. Everyone in a relationship deserves to feel sexy, safe, and happy. Sex breeds intimacy. Orgasms release oxytocin, the feel-good bonding hormone in your body.

Sex helps you feel closer to your partner. It is the most intimate physical act you and your partner can experience. Relationships and a healthy sex life take constant work. You have to check in with each other and take the temperature of your relationship on a regular basis.

Having sex, feeling your partner on top of you, the scent of his or her skin brings you back into that loving mind-set. Having maintenance sex will remind both of you what you mean to each other. Always take an opportunity to work sex into your schedule. Trust us.

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Sex very much needed

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Why Maintenance Sex Is So Important in Happy Marriages