Short notice long shot

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Theron plays Charlotte Field, the current U. Rogen plays Fred Flarsky, an idealistic muckraking journalist for an alternative newspaper. The two know each other from childhood, and after she hires him to be her speechwriter, they find a mutual attraction blooming. With their combined forces, Theron and Rogen have created a mid-budget romantic comedy with political undertones populated with believable people in what feels like the actual world.

In other words, a list of things modern Hollywood rarely delivers. Dix and Beth Kono. And we never had that problem. He found the presence of two stars who were also engaged producers to be invigorating. That makes me look better to be able to turn to him and ask him what he thinks or to just have him tell me what he thinks.

The secret power of the movie is the fact that they are different. You get these two different romantic personas and the strange juxtaposition of the two of them is actually what makes the thing work. I think that was something that I definitely was tasked with when I came onboard. I was very nervous. While we were making this movie, they elevated my character. I was usually the only person trying to do that. And the star and his producing partners have successfully found a way to navigate the Hollywood system.

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Short notice long shot

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