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In a development that a judge called "shocking," a Charleston strip club bouncer agreed Monday to pay a fine rather than face prison time for the death of an unruly customer. Alfred Joseph Asher of James Island had been arrested on a voluntary manslaughter charge in the May death of year-old David Lacz. The felony carries between two and 30 years behind bars. Lacz, a Florida resident, died two days later of a head injury.

Prosecutors agreed to let Asher plead guilty Monday to a misdemeanor count of public disorderly conduct, which carries up to 30 days in jail. The manslaughter charge was dropped. It's a bit shocking to me. Lead defense attorney David Aylor said Asher, a former correctional officer, was simply doing his job that day to protect club patrons and himself. There was no intentional criminal act in regards to him trying to injure anyone. Asher, now 34, told officers from the Charleston Police Department on May 2, , that Lacz pounded on the bar of the Pittsburg Avenue club and licked the bartender's hand.

The bouncer ushered him outside, but Lacz returned. After he removed the customer a second time, Asher said Lacz rushed at him. He pushed Lacz "to defend himself," a report stated. Lacz tripped, and his head hit the pavement, Asher told the police. Arrest affidavits stated two witnesses contradicted Asher's story, outlining that Lacz had been compliant after his second ejection, raising his hands as if surrendering during a discussion with Asher about why he had been thrown out. The manslaughter case prevailed as it advanced through a preliminary hearing in magistrate court, when Gosnell ruled that officers had cause to arrest Asher.

Gosnell typically never sees such cases conclude in his courtroom; serious felony charges are usually resolved in circuit court. But Asher's plea agreement tossed his case back to the magistrate, who questioned the outcome. A prosecutor told Gosnell a version of the death that resembled Asher's. Lacz had "created an uncomfortable situation" for nightclub guests, Assistant Solicitor Denton Matthews said, and outside, Asher "shoved the victim and caused him to fall down and hit his head.

Assistant Solicitor Stephanie Linder added after Monday's hearing that the two witnesses had "some memory loss" and couldn't recall anything. Plus, at least 10 other witnesses backed Asher's telling. We believed there was enough for a plea but not for the death itself.

None of Lacz's loved ones appeared either, though a victim advocate told Gosnell that the family understood the plea deal. Andrew Knapp is editor of the Quick Response Team, which covers crime, courts and breaking news. He enjoys golf, weather and fatherhood.

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Strip club or Bangor tonight

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