The Easthampton girls

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The Bellringers were in the quarterfinals and poised to win their first Class S championship in 35 years when the tournament was canceled. They have known each other and shared court time together for so long, to ask a question of one would be to ask all five. Chaotic, but fun. It was tough to keep up, which, come to think of it, is how a lot of their Shoreline Conference opponents felt last season playing against this special group. They have a Shoreline championship to defend starting Wednesday at home against Morgan, the team they beat for the title last March.

They had just rolled to their first Shoreline title in 12 seasons and were two Class S wins from making a bus trip to Mohegan Sun. It took time for them to work through the suddenness of having it all end. Then it happened again last month. So if you were in the grocery store or wherever, for a little while there was kind of funeral feeling where everyone felt terrible for them. With Russell helping them sort it out, the seniors had stronger stomachs to handle the disappointment of no state championship run at all in They know where they are today.

Not forgetting the emotional toll of the last 11 months, the Bellringers do not want this new journey interrupted. They can minimize risk and take care of themselves, sure, but with COVID, so much is out their control. After three weeks of conditioning, getting their minds right, melding with top underclassmen Madison Yorker and Jordan Murphy and tutoring nine freshmen players for what comes next, Adams, Mercaldi, Field, Curtin and Barrientos are ready to take on all comers.

She plans to study mechanical engineering, with a concentration in aerospace. Curtin has been accepted at Penn State and intends to study biomedical engineering biomedical, while Barrientos has thought about majoring in criminal justice in college. Talented, smart, grateful seniors all, each aware that they have set the table for younger players who might one day acknowledge them with gratitude. Wesleyan and the community as a whole has lost a sporting legend. Four years later, he was running the football program. The Cardinals won three Little Three titles in his seven years as coach. He led a well-rounded life.

I was involved in community affairs fairly deeply. That made the whole picture there great. I love this move. Levis will earn a degree in finance from Penn State this spring. He comes to Kentucky with three years of eligibility. We know has the goods to be a starter. Kentucky has a new offensive coordinator who worked ly on the Los Angeles Rams staff. Will be fun as heck to watch the situation develop. Plenty of media members were all for the voting to continue in spite of a truncated season.

Maybe the polls create excitement and a sense of normalcy for kids and coaches in this off-kilter hoops winter. Runners could plan for some wind and a spring chill. There will be a mile run and 4-mile legends run or walk. For more information, visit hartfordmarathon. Answer below. Kansas is an average team this season, and I wonder how heavily the cloud of an NCAA recruiting investigation and likely penalty to come weighs on the pipeline of talent the program is so accustomed to procuring.

Strange season. We have been getting exposed. UConn announces home sites for men's basketball season.

The Easthampton girls

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After Having Its League Title Revoked, East Hampton Girls Cross Country Wins Division IV Title