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Travel Tips. Although I always hear from people who travel alone that it is super fun because you get to know a lot more new people, it is not for me. For me, nothing is more fun than traveling together. Traveling with friends or with your best friend can also be lots of fun.

There is a really good chance that this post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission for which we are deeply grateful at no extra cost to you. We start off with a collection of the best couple travel-together quotes. You must admit, what is more, beautiful than to travel with your loved one. I partly agree with this quote.

Whom you travel with is super important. You could be in an epic destination and your company could ruin the complete experience. The opposite is true as well, an evening in a subpar guesthouse could turn into one of the most memorable experiences if you make some new friends. We are fortunate to have already seen a lot of wonderful things like Antarctica, Japan , India , Alaska etc.

Unfortunately, it seems that the more you travel, the harder it gets to get that wow-feeling. In a long-term relationship, I think it is extremely important to have the same opinion about the important issues and to have the noses in the same direction on these issues. That makes having a long-term relationship much easier. I still remember how relieved Kris was that, when I came back after spending 3 weeks in a tent, I admitted that I would appreciate somewhat more comfort on our next trips.

I think this is a nice goal, but to be honest, we will have a lot of work to get our passport full. I completely agree with this travel quote. Kris and I have already made many beautiful trips to eg Korea , Borneo , India and much more. And despite the fact that these are beautiful destinations, it is always more special to share this together with Kris. Read also: Where to go in Europe in winter. After all, we have always made the most special memories together and without his presence, those trips would be less special.

I think, as someone who is addicted to traveling, that this is really a romantic quote. This is one of the most romantic things someone can say to me. We like nothing more than to wander through small streets and supposedly get lost.

This is how we usually discover the nicest spots. The best travel with friends quotes. Some people say that taking a vacation is the best way to get to know each other. And just as I agree with this quote, I think they are right. Some positives and some negatives. An hour to visit the first site, 20 minutes to rush to the next, a quick picture, and on to the next sight. We both really enjoy to just head to a neighborhood and wander around, holding hands, like a romantic couple just watching daily life. I think this is certainly a romantic idea for a bucket list. Although we have traveled already a lot an visited many amazing places such as the Azores , Lisbon , Rajasthan, and Kerala in India , Borneo , Korea , Japan and much more.

Unfortunately, there are far too many countries and places in the world and it is absolutely impossible to do them all in one lifetime. So as it usually goes in life, we should make choices. And there are so many beautiful places to discover. I do not know how it is for you but for every destination that we can scratch off our bucket list, we add at least 2 new destinations. As much as I love the idea of spending some months in one location it would be really hard to choose. We have seen so many beautiful places already….

This quote could definitely be used for me as a marriage proposal. I would certainly say yes if the right person asks me to marry him with these words. Marriage is a lifelong journey in itself, with ups and downs. The journeys we did together only brought us closer together. We have been married now for several years. This quote absolutely refers to us. By discovering new destinations and doing things together, our relationship remains fascinating. What about you? I do not fully agree with this quote. No matter how much I love to travel, always living from my suitcase is nothing for me.

I am always happy to go back home after a trip. With some people, it clicks from the first moment you meet them. I remember the first time I met Kris. We met through common friends and it immediately clicked. We also immediately had a common topic. The whole evening we only spoke about traveling. Meanwhile, we are more than 10 years further and travel is still something we can not stop talking about.

This is true in a way. Because of some of the hiccups we have encountered we met interesting people we would not otherwise have met and we discovered beautiful places that we would not have known existed. Only when you leave your comfort zone you can really experience who your partner is, how you both react to certain situations and whether you are suitable for each other. Several years later we still reminisce great stories about our journeys together over dinner. I think this quote applies to everyone who starts a relationship.

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince. And this is absolutely true. So if you are single and you get the chance to start a relationship, do not hesitate and go for it. I can still vividly remember how on the evening we met, and again on our first date, we both talked passionately about all the destinations we had seen. We did of course talk about other things as well but those travel stories made us dream about all the adventures that we could still do together.

We find nothing more fun than putting on our walking shoes during the weekend and go out to explore. This quote definitely refers to me. You can not give me a better present than enough variety and adventure in life. I certainly found someone like that with Kris. And you, have you already found someone who challenges you and drives you to your dreams? And although we now like to travel in a comfortable way, there is nothing more fun than to undertake new adventures.

Everywhere we go we wonder how it would be to live there. Sometimes we just try to imagine it by watching daily life. But in our opinion, the best way to find out is to engage in conversations with locals in pubs. This is so much fun and we even created some new friends doing this. Sometimes our opinion about a particular city changes completely after we have spoken with the residents. I am, as I said already, someone who gets bored very quickly.

So I need variety and new things to make me happy. I still have keen memories of some of the trips I took with my best friends back in college. Years later we still feel connected by those fun and crazy adventures that we have experienced together. So here we share the best travel partner quotes, travel with friends quotes and get together quotes. And that goes for many things.

It is so necessary to surround yourself with people who believe in you and who see a better version of yourself than you see. Only in this way can you grow. A very wise quote. Even though you may be best friends, and you may share the same interests in daily life, it is possible that you have a completely different idea about a vacation.

You may be someone who is up early, excited about the new adventures that are coming and who is out and about all day long. Your travel partner may not get so excited about an active vacation and would rather relax by the pool. This is an example with extreme opposites, a situation that is not likely to occur, but possibly over the course of your vacation, some small habits of your travel partner may start to annoy you.

Making some good arrangements in advance and showing the necessary understanding for each other will bring you a whole lot further. I will not go into details here, but that holiday together was almost the end of our friendship. When you have the feeling that life is boring and all days look alike, a good friend and some sense of adventure can definitely change that. Brands want us to believe that we will be happier with a bigger house, a bigger car and a more expensive watch. Enjoying a beautiful sunrise, spending a pleasant evening with good friends. These are things that do not cost money but are priceless.

I do believe the world would be a better place if everybody traveled more and showed real interest in the places they were going. Connecting with the people and being open-minded for their culture, believes and habits. Adventure and good friends are very important to me. Although we have exchanged our backpack for a suitcase a long time ago, this is certainly a quote that still applies to us. There are still so many destinations on our bucket list and there is so much to discover. This is a straight to the point quote.

Maybe it can be better expressed but it is entirely right. Friendships are so important. Everyone should have at least one sincere friend to share successes and failures with. Nothing is more beautiful than to reminisce about things that you have experienced together. Looking back at those great moments that you enjoyed together with your friends, acquaintances and family members will not only give you a good feeling, it will also reinforce the bond you have with each other.

I am fortunate that I can travel together with Kris and even though I hear from solo travelers how great it is to travel alone and how many cool and interesting people they meet.

Want someone to go places with

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